10% Reservation for Economically Weak section of General Category

Fact or Myth:

Hello viewers!! Today we are going to discuss at the hottest topic of the current scenario, asked from several viewers of my website: “10% Reservation for Economically Weak section of General Category: A bill passed by current Government”. Several people are confused whether this bill is beneficial for the General Category or it is just a sugar candy (lollipop) given by the government. So, I will try to discuss about the facts behind this reservation bill, so that you can conclude yourself whether it is beneficial for you or not.


10% Reservation for Economically Weak section of General Category


Scenario of the Reservation “Before” this Bill:

When this bill was not passed, 50% seats were reserved for the SC (Scheduled Caste), ST (Scheduled Tribe) and OBC (Other Backward Class) candidates in Government jobs and Educational Institutions and General Category candidates were fight only for the remaining 50% seats.


Scenario of the Reservation “After” this Bill:

Now Government pass the bill that “10% seats will be reserved for Economically Weak General candidates (who fulfil some eligibility criterion mentioned below in this blog) in Government jobs and Educational Institutions within the so called 50% seats for which General category candidates have been already fight for. And 50% seats are still reserved for SC, ST and OBC class.”


Eligibility Criterion for the General Candidates Considered for this 10% Reservation (With the Noticeable Points):

          1-Household Income: Must be less than Rs. 8Lakh/Year.

Noticeable Points:

  • 95% Indians earn less than Rs.8 Lakh/Year.
  • According to recent news, Finance Minister, Mr. Arun Jetly said that Only 76 lakh Indians shows income of over Rs. 5 lakh. In this case, 99% Indians are eligible for this 10% reservation.
  • In India, a person earning 2.5 lakh/year is considered to pay tax and now according to this bill, a person earning 8 lakh/year is “economically weak”. It means, people in India who are economically weak are rich enough to pay tax.


        2-Agriculture Land: Must be of less than 5acres.

Noticeable Points:

  • 86% Indians fulfil this criterion.



        3-House Land: Must have a house smaller than 1,000 square ft.

Noticeable Points:

  • 80% or more households in India have houses smaller than 500 square ft.


      4-Residential Plot in a municipality: Have a residential plot smaller than 100 yards in a municipality.


       5-Residential Plot in a non-notified municipality: Have a residential plot of less than 200 yards in a non-notified municipality.



Note: If we think about the above mentioned “noticeable points” and assumed that the data is approximately valid for General Category Indians then we can easily conclude that “(85-90) %” General Category Candidates are fulfilling the eligibility criterion of this new 10% reservation and as I discussed above in this blog that this 10% reservation is given within the remaining 50% seats for which General Category Candidates has been already fight for; So, there will be no huge advantage of this reservation for General Category Candidates

In short, previously General Category Candidates were fighting for the remaining 50% seats and from now almost 90% General Category Candidates will be fighting for these (10+40) % seats. There will be no big change in the system.

If you guys do agree with me or even disagree, discuss with me at the comment box below at this page.

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